The Spirit of Prague

Ivan Klíma wrote the following in The Spirit of Prague РFor me, the material and spiritual centre of this city is an almost 700-year-old stone bridge connecting the west with the east. The Charles Bridge is an emblem of the city's situation in Europe, the two halves of which have been seeking each other out at the very least since the bridge's foundations were laid. The West and the East.

Monday, February 28, 2011


It was my birthday and I didn't even know it! But, my family sure did and they helped me celebrate in style! I had SUCH a great day. It started a few days before when they kept saying things to me, "It's going to be your birthday soon." "Someone's turning one!"  I didn't know what they were talking about, but when the day came, I learned birthdays are not something to be ignored.

Birthdays are like Christmas but only for you and no one else!

I got toys, treats, and yes... dessert! Frozen Yogurt made special for dogs like me! It was yummy and nummy and all things good for my tummy. Sigh. Birthdays are nice.

I even got Birthday hats! I started with one, but by the end of the night, well, I looked like this! Lesson learned – you never know what you'll look like at the end of a day-long party!

I'm so pooped (literally and metaphorically), all I can say is, This is Trip and I'm so out!

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