The Spirit of Prague

Ivan Klíma wrote the following in The Spirit of Prague РFor me, the material and spiritual centre of this city is an almost 700-year-old stone bridge connecting the west with the east. The Charles Bridge is an emblem of the city's situation in Europe, the two halves of which have been seeking each other out at the very least since the bridge's foundations were laid. The West and the East.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rapid Fire Updates from 2011

Birthday, Sounders, Trips to Portland and Whidbey Island, Playing ball and not playing ball, in-home dog training (but not really because she said I was so good already and said she felt bad taking my dad's money), being a star pretty much everywhere I go... and even a party at my house. It's been a good year.

You saw my B-Day celebration, and below you can see me sporting a Seattle Sounders jersey before our trip to Portland. Ha! I've got serious style.

This was my bigger event of the year, the trip to Portland. We stayed at a hotel right on the water, which is different water than we have here in Seattle. This water is a river. There are a lot of bridges across rivers. There was a nice park and a river walk and lots of people to say hi to me. But, the real joy of staying in this hotel?

I could go anywhere! And I did. I rode the elevator. I ran down long carpeted hallways. I hung out in the lounge. I rocked the lobby. And best of all, the revolving door! Oh my god, this thing was freaky at first, but once I figured it out, it was so cool. This is how you do it: you dive right in the first open space, and then you hop along with the spinning glass, and then it opens up for just a brief second and you must dive face first out, and presto! You're outside. Amazing. Amaza-balls as some might say.

Dive in. Hop along with the spin. Dive out. Magic. This pretty much sums up my year, but in case you need proof, here's some pics! This is Trip, and I'm out!