The Spirit of Prague

Ivan Klíma wrote the following in The Spirit of Prague РFor me, the material and spiritual centre of this city is an almost 700-year-old stone bridge connecting the west with the east. The Charles Bridge is an emblem of the city's situation in Europe, the two halves of which have been seeking each other out at the very least since the bridge's foundations were laid. The West and the East.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall & Football Season!

Fall is another season, and it brings yet another season hidden within it. I had no idea what was coming my way, but it's football season! And this means, I'm sleeping and suddenly everyone yells and scares the shit out of me! Hooting and hollering and I jump up in the middle of a dream thinking we are being attacked by a night monster and then everyone is jumping around me and I'm confused as all hell and people kiss my face and slap my butt as they slap each others hands and I have to wait until halftime or the game is over until I can pee and poop and play ball on my own. Football season is fun, but a bit disorienting if you fall asleep.

Go DAWGS! They yell this at me a lot. Go DAWGS! Ok, go Dawgs, I get it. I'm a dog and the team you like is called the Dawgs. Hilarious. Really.

Go HAWKS! They yell this, too, but not as much. And I'm not a hawk.

They also sometimes grab my stumpy and shake it at the TV and say, "Give 'em the stumpy magic!" I think it must be a good luck symbol for them, but I don't like people touching my stumpy. It's my stumpy. Back off. Football season or not. Back the f**k off my stumpy. Well, my dad can touch it, but he kisses it, too! And that's sort of gross. It feels funny, too.

Fall also means towels. I get wet, and so I have to get toweled off. It's a bit irritating.

Fall also means leaves, which are fun to chase all over. My dad says leave it. I say a leaf blowing in the wind is fair game. I just can't resist.

Below is a picture of me chasing leaves. But then the unexpected happened. I found something. It's a circle toy and it flies through the air really pretty. Too pretty not to chase. So I found it in the park, and then my dad took it and threw it. It was so amazing how it flew, I went and got it. The only problem, I just can't seem to pick it up without this happening!
I'm totally blind, but totally happy. Do you see the circle? That's my new toy. Do you see the leaves? That means it's Fall. Do you watch Football? I have to go take a nap now. A game is coming on, and I have to sleep until everyone yells at the TV and scares me wide awake! I think this is how the game is played. So, this is Trip and I'm out!

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