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Ivan Klíma wrote the following in The Spirit of Prague РFor me, the material and spiritual centre of this city is an almost 700-year-old stone bridge connecting the west with the east. The Charles Bridge is an emblem of the city's situation in Europe, the two halves of which have been seeking each other out at the very least since the bridge's foundations were laid. The West and the East.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Time flies. Yes it's a cliche, but back off, I'm not even 3 months old yet. I have a very compressed sense of time. And right now, it's flying! I am 11 and a half weeks old, and growing fast.

If you consider the arc of my story so far, the last two weeks of time is a good chunk. And I have stories. I got to go back to Whidbey Island and grandma's house for three days! I still haven't met her, as she was on some sort of boat for several weeks, which I think is crazy. I mean, the ferry ride to her house is twenty minutes - where the hell can you go on a boat for three weeks?

So I'm back on Whidbey, and I start running. I'm running. I run down the street. I run into a field. And as I run, I tell you, there are long stalks of grass that hang over and if you time it just right, you can jump and bite them as you fly past! This sort of thing only happens on Whidbey. I also met an Auntie and her dog. It's kind of a weird looking thing, to be honest, and a bit snippy. Hard to blame it, I suppose, here she is all-pomeranian and I come along, cute and puppy-like. Bound to be some hard feelings there. But Whidbey is dog-tastic.

Two words. The beach. Two words. Low tide. Two words. I raged. (See pictures)

Two unfortunate words. Bath tub. Or is that one word? Bathtub. Well then, two words. Baths suck. (See picture)

And in Ballard, I have adventures. My walks are getting longer, and I can go up the street and run through various lawns. I think it's because I showed dad I can run so well on Whidbey, but he's a bit paranoid as I have yet to get my second round of shots. No one wants a sick puppy, so until then, I think I have limited options.

I learned a new word in Ballard, too. Barista. Those people go wild for me! On good days, dad takes me in the car with him and I run up to the coffee shop and get oohed and awed and cuddled and oggled. After that, he takes me to Sunset Park and I rock the lawn while people passing by all stop to say hi. You'd think I was a celebrity or something.

Today, I got hosed. Instead of the coffee shop and Sunset Park, it was a pet store. I love that place, but I wanted to do the coffee shop and park as well. Dad said, "You've had enough adventure for the day, so you stay." Whatever dude, like there's enough adventure. At the pet store, there is a wonderful woman named Leigh - she is like the guardian angel of all things puppy, and she is very good at her job. While I was crashed in her arms, just in awe of her presence, I didn't even notice her tell some guy to give me a pedicure. Pedicure, yeah right. They just clip your nails, but when you only got 3 paws, it's only 75% bad! Still, I got hosed. A pedicure and no park.

I began with a cliche, so I'll end with one. It's a dark and stormy night, and I just did my night-night pee so guess what? This is Trip and I'm out!

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